• Nebula Online

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100+ Features

Including challenging Hero Mode Instances, the all awaited Crusader class and the ability to reset your character level and start from 1 again.

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Fast and reliable support to give you the support that you deserve.

Finally, A Server That You Will

All classes available in Nebula Online


A Fighter battles foes at close range while allies support him from all sides.


Cleric focuses on supporting other players with a lot of buffs but can also deal some damage.


The Archer is a full damage class who is dealing far ranged damage to one or more targets with sharp and different kinds of arrows.


A Mage is using arcane power and commanding it to use powerful spells from far range and has many AoE skills.


The Trickster is a close range damage class and an expert at dealing much damage in a short amount of time, especially with his DoT skills and powerful finishing attacks.


Using the mighty power of light, Crusaders can support their group while dealing damage.